What is that?

In short: You put a nice, socially acceptable banner (we'll provide that) on your homepage or distribute a link via your newsletter, blog, post or something else. This personal link leads to this shop and with every sale you mediate, you will receive a nice commission. How does that sound to you?

You may also be familiar with the term "affiliate program" - that's exactly what it is.

Of course it's about money (we all need that); I'm also interested in mutual networking and support.

What does this cost?

It only costs you a few pixels of space on your homepage, blog or newsletter. You decide which banner dimensions are most suitable for you. Otherwise you don't need anything else: no warehouse, no shipping costs, no minimum turnover and the billing is automated and transparent.

How does that work now?

If you want to be there, please set up a customer account in the shop.

I will check your information and decide for or against - in any case I will write to you.

As an activated partner, your login gives you access to the link generator and the statistics and billing tool. The banners are available for download here and may be used without restriction.

The banner/link contains a code that uniquely belongs only to you. If someone buys from us via your link with this ID, your commission will be credited to you.

Who can participate?

Well, you have to be of legal age ;), run your own homepage / blog and have a connection to our topic. This can and should be very colorful. If you don't find yourself in the following list, write to me anyway. Maybe there will be a whole new connection that we should make!

Right now I'm thinking of websites, newsletters, blogs, portals and posts that:

  • Introduce sex toys and related lifestyle products
  • Contain sensuality and joie de vivre
  • Publish woman-pleasing topics
  • Post male-pleasing topics
  • Publishers, magazines, audio book providers, authors, filmmakers, creative people with an erotic subject
  • Professionals for couple therapy, coaching, education, gynaecology, massage
  • Wellness and health pages
  • Romantic hotels, swingers clubs, events calendar websites
  • Gardeners, hairdressers, nail designers, beauticians, stylists, …

On a good, fruitful and cheerful together!

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards, Anja Koschemann