All prices are quoted in Euros. Retail prices include VAT at 19%.

The exact shipping costs are calculated and displayed as part of the order process BEFORE the order is submitted. Until that time, you can simply cancel your order should you consider the shipping costs (such as for a single tube of lubricant) uneconomically high.

The postal sending of gift vouchers is free of charge.

Deliveries to non-EU countries may incur a local custom duty, over which we have no control, and do not know the amount.

Please contact us if your country can not be found in the list below. We are happy to quote you the exact shipping costs in advance. We ship worldwide. We ask customers from the United Kingdom (GB) to visit our Etsy shop to buy. Brexit made VAT processing very complicated.

  • 4 €: Warenpost BRD (for small, light orders e.g. one sleeve)
  • 6 €: BRD
  • 17 €: Belgien, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Österreich, Polen, Tschechien, Schweden, Dänemark, Finnland
  • 17 €: Frankreich Monaco, Italien, Spanien, Ungarn, Slowakei, Slowenien, Estland, Lettland, Litauen, Norwegen
  • 25 €: Bulgarien, Griechenland, Irland, Kroatien, Malta, Portugal, Rumänien, Zypern, Island, Ukraine
  • 45 €: Türkei, Georgien, Russische Förderation
  • 39 €: USA, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Singapur, Thailand, VAE, Indonesien, Südkorea
  • 25 €: Schweiz, Liechtenstein
  • 90 €: Australien, Brasilien, Neuseeland, Südafrika

Package are delivered by DHL. Therefore, deliveries to a Packstation are also possible.