Our manufactory

Based in Dresden, SelfDelve produces a series of erotic toys, shipping them all over the world. Our silicone toys are manufactured in a process that leaves no noticeable seams. Our range is characterised by appealing shapes, and loving details, hand-drawn in non-toxic colors. Have you seen the „Garden of Eden“ or the „Sculptures“?

The word ‘SelfDelve’ is our invention. If delve means to examine and explore, SelfDelve is the process of probing yourself, getting into yourself.

Playful pleasure alone, or in pairs, provides an opportunity for erotic surprise and develops a deeper understanding of your own sexuality.

SelfDelve: why are our toys unique?

We use thermochromic pigments so that our toys change colour when they reach body temperature. For example, the golden-yellow corn-on-the-cob will turn bright yellow! Our symbol is Leo the colour-changing chameleon, who is a small relief on all our toys.

Each individual toy is hand-painted. This is allowing us to add some unique features. We add silicone decorations onto the single-coloured or marmored bodies of our toys by hand. As a final step we apply a thin layer of transparent silicone to make the toys smooth and shiny.
Voilá – we then place the toy in the silver-coloured metal case, on a bed of tissue, and our gem is ready for its new home.


A gift from nature…

Nature offers us many wonderful, tempting dildo shapes. But the end of the banana can scratch, a corn-on-the-cob is quite stiff and cucumbers are treated with chemicals that are unsuitable for our mucous membrane.

Our ‘Garden of Eden’ collection is inspired by natural shapes but each toy is an improvement on nature’s gifts. Made from non-toxic silicone, with smooth, non-abrasive surfaces, our toys offer you the best of Nature’s goodness.

Those who do not see the erotic potential in vegetables may prefer to explore our anatomically-formed toys called ‘The Elements’. Some of this series has been compared to the works of Joan Miró and Hans Arp. (German magazine ‘Feigenblatt’)

And don’t worry - we haven’t forgotten about the functionality of our toys. All toys come in big and small diameters, with varying degrees of stiffness, and different lengths. You can truly customize your toy with SelfDelve.


… is the best-possible elastic synthetic material for erotic toys.

All SelfDelve toys are made from additive-free, odourless silicone. Another advantage of silicone is that it can be produced in different degrees of hardness, perfect for erotic toys. That's good, because the wishes of a sex toy can still be very different.

We offer each toy in the shop already in an optimum hardness. That is, the dildos with quite large diameter are cuddly-soft, the average sizes are made from solidly silicone and the slender, delicate shapes are casted from quite resistant silicone. We are happy to fabricate your toy on request from each of these 3 different silicone types.