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Corn on the cob
A particularly exciting creation of nature, because the knobbly surface provides extreme sexual pleasure when the corn kernels pass the muscle ring. Enjoy the gentle silicone of our corn-on-the-cob! When heated, the thermochromic pigments change from golden yellow to light yellow. Length: approx. 20 cm (7.9 inch) Maximum diameter: approx. 4 cm (1.6 inch) Choose the firmness: soft, flexible silicone or medium-hard silicone Delivered in a silver-colored metal case, wrapped in black tissue paper, including a sample of lube gel
Three colorful ropes twists evenly around the rod-shaped toy. They are whole 5mm (0.2 inch) high and thus very clear massage elements work terrific both: in the rotational movement and in the "up-and-down". So that everything remains playfully and relaxing, the implementation in soft silicone has proven itself absolutely. The total diameter of 4cm (1.6 inch) (including the raise) of this cute toy is in a usual, pleasant dimension. White with accents in pink, yellow and shimmering blue Total length: about 22cm (8.7 inch) Diameter: about 4cm (1.6 inch) Soft, flexible silicone Delivered in a silver-colored metal case, wrapped in black tissue paper, including a sample of lube gel Design: studio högl borowski
Air – royal
Behind this slim beauty a rollercoaster of emotions is waiting to be discovered. The spherical head goes over to a slender shaft and happened on the way to the bottom a delicate "ovoid" threshold. A truly heavenly delight! The royal selection of colours: gold effect with brilliant white and dark blue. The blue changes to colourless when it has absorbed your body heat so the underlying "gold veins" become visible. Because these toys are marbled, each one will be distinctive and unique. No two toys look alike. Length: approx. 18cm (7.1 inch) Smallest ball diameter: 2cm (0.8 inch) Largest ball diameter: 3,5cm (1.4 inch) Diameter base: 5cm (2 inch) Stable, but still resilient silicone (hard) Delivered in a silver-coloured metal case, wrapped in black tissue paper, including a sample of lube gel
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Inconspicuous and boring packaging.
Absolutely wholesome
All toys are made of best silicone.
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Each part is handcrafted and unique.
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We are family-friendly, pay fair wages and act in partnership.
Environmentally friendly
We use green electricity, recycled paper, compostable cushion chips and much more.

Our manufactory in Dresden

Based in Dresden, SelfDelve produces a series of erotic toys, shipping them all over the world. Our silicone toys are manufactured in a process that leaves no noticeable seams. Our range is characterised by appealing shapes, and loving details, hand-drawn in non-toxic colors. Have you seen the „Garden of Eden“ or the „Sculptures“?

The word ‘SelfDelve’ is our invention. If delve means to examine and explore, SelfDelve is the process of probing yourself, getting into yourself.

Playful pleasure alone, or in pairs, provides an opportunity for erotic surprise and develops a deeper understanding of your own sexuality.


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The portal presents several toys in a very detailed article and evaluates them based on many criteria.

I like that they put a lot of effort and tips so that everyone can find the toy that suits their personal preferences. Of course, I am also very happy about the many good stars. :)

here is the article

Corn and carrots on the big screen

The story takes a light-hearted approach to a serious issue - the escalating emotional isolation of people in modern Western civilisation. All this in the context of a digitised society that increasingly takes refuge in virtual worlds.

It's a gripping, witty story about love, self-love and loneliness and about satisfying human desire with artificially created emotions.

The film «THE ART OF LOVE» will be released in Swiss cinemas on October 20th and on Netflix from November. The film has already won a number of awards at around 8 festivals. These include the audience award at the Five Lakes Festival in Munich and the award for best feature film at the Ferrara Film Festival.

Where to watch?


The zucchini belongs to the pumpkin family and this specimen is correspondingly stately. For some it may well be fuller. We will fulfill this wish for you with these zucchini harvested and shaped in your own garden. But be careful, the dimensions are really something special!

When it came to the coloring, we followed various suggestions. We are curious to see which variant is chosen most frequently.


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Seid ihr schon in Weihnachtsstimmung und wenn ja, woran macht man das eigentlich fest? Und was kommt eigentlich zuerst? Gedöns, dann Stimmung? Oder Stimmung und DANN Gedöns? Fragen über Fragen. Bei mir persönlich kommt es spontan, manchmal sehr unerwartet, gelegentlich auch äußerst...

Herbstfreuden: Geister, Gesichtsmassagen und Gemütlichkeit


Der Sommer hat sich zu einem ausgiebigen Nachspiel hinreißen lassen, wofür ich ihm äußerst dankbar bin.

Popular Toys

For fans of voluminous toys this will provide an extraordinary experience! With its seductive curves and completely smooth reflective surface, this toy has the typical eggplant shape.Colour change from a dark violet to blue Soft, flexible silicone Total length: approx. 20cm (7.9 inch) Smallest diameter: approx. 4cm (1.6 inch) Largest diameter: approx. 6cm (2.4 inch) Delivered in a silver-colored metal case, wrapped in black tissue paper, including a sample of lube gel Your browser does not support the video tag.
This carrot will get you hopping like a love bunny! No bedroom should be without our sexy SelfDelve-Carrot. The diameter of the carrot increases from a delicate 2cm (0.8 inch) to a moderate 4cm (1.6 inch) at its thickest point. Shes a proud 21cm (8.3 inch) long, almost straight and characteristic conical. Whether alone or with others, this toy makes every tryst a success. Colour change from orange to yellow Firmness: hard Length: approx. 21cm (8.3 inch) Diameter: approx. 2cm ... approx. 4cm (0.8 inch ... 1.6 inch) Delivered in a silver-colored metal case, wrapped in black tissue paper, including a sample of lube gel
Expect a tingling pleasure from this 19cm (7.5 inch) long garden cucumber. The elegant shape of this silicone dildo offers a smooth delicate tip, natural studs and a strong, round tail. Three times the pleasure! No matter what you want to do with the garden cucumber, she does it all and survives the stormiest night of love. Like our other toys, the garden cucumber too is also suitable for latex allergy sufferers.  Soft, flexible silicone color: dark green with color change to light green plus green and yellow decoration Smallest diameter: approx. 3cm (1.2 inch) Largest diameter: approx. 5cm (2 inch) Delivered in a silver-colored metal case, wrapped in black tissue paper, including a sample of lube gel
Ball Gag: Apricot
Single Ball Gag made of body-safe, phthalate-free silicone and nontoxic pigments without colour changing. It has a glossy surface and a approx. 12mm (0.5 inch) cut-out to fix it on a belt. Apricot Look: gentle color gradient of yellow and orange tones, two dark green leaves Diameter: 45mm (1.77 inch) Stable, elastic silicone Odourless and tasteless Toothfriendly Hygienic Delivery in a small organza bag This handcrafted, black leather strap from the workshop of Petra dos Santos (Berlin) goes well with it. Stitched, 3-ply leather strap (certificated pollutant-free) Length: approx. 62cm (24.4 inch) Approx. 2cm wide (0.8 inch) Nickel-free buckle fastener 10 perforations for extensiveness adjustment

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